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This is a truly exciting and unique product we have created. If you are a manager with experience and qualifying minimum seed, we can introduce you to others trading a similar strategy with seed to build a team. This means inital seed is higher and there is a team in place that has created a more competitive marketable product.

Each trader trades a separate book so you also build trackable individual track records. Through Team Builder you can also recruit Team Members including analysts, marketing support and compliance. What if you hate each other? What if someone does not perform? Well, we have catered for that too and have sensible solutions you enter into and agree at the outset.

Tired of working for someone else but not sure you have enough to start? Contact us about Team Builder which will open to the public in Q1 2015 and is presently limited to HFH clients. A product that will revolutionaise the way hedge funds recruit and build seed and makes it easier for traders to start a viable fund. Walk out of the office and into your new team. 




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