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Get started. Launch your own fund on the HFH SICAV PLC fund platform in the EU with set up costs starting from £5,000 plus 1,000 regulator fees and annual operational costs from €50,000 per annum (excluding PB/ bank fees). We host and spin out some of the hottest managers and top perfoming funds in the world. Currently the platform hosts volatility fund Runestone Capital Fund, a top global performer amongst other funds. As they can attest, our platform delivers at the highest level to the most demanding managers. The support we give is second to none and there are no hidden add on costs or tie ins. Set up, grow, stay or spin out, however you do it you will be working with the best who host the best.

HFH SICAV plc fund platform, regulated by the MFSA, is home to a limited number of elite managers, start-ups and major multinationals, some of whom exit to set up stand alone funds when they achieve scale. Each fund Professional Investor Fund (PIF) on the fund platform has fully segregated assets and liabilities and its own PIF licence. You choose the type of PIF (experienced, qualifying or extraordinary), PIF name and PIF counterparties. You can work with any administrator, PB or bank and you have full responsibility for day to day management. PLUS we structure you and ensure you have proper regulatory cover in your own country.

The difference with a stand alone fund is you cannot change the board of directors, MLRO or Compliance Officer. Set up time is faster. Operational costs lower. There is no additonal charge for up to 3 investor share classes. The fund platform is considered more tax secure than a stand alone fund. There is no liquidation to go through if you close down. Plus, major plus, you have 24/7 access to HFH, your own general counsel, critically more exposure and ongoing discounts on fees. The value of these add ons is substantial just ask our clients.

Unlike administrator or institution owned platforms, we are not conflicted. Your fund can also be transferred out of the HFH fund platform and set up as a stand alone fund in an EU jurisdiction or redomiciled to Cayman without losing track or having to have investors re subscribe.

HFH Platform Funds benefit from:

  • split operational costs
  • cheaper D&O insurance
  • 24/7 HFH support
  • General Legal Counsel
  • Counterparty Network support
  • Marketing & Compliance support
  • automatic access to the HFH Investment Index regardless of AUM and subject to Y1 track and positive performance
  • funds can list any share class/es on the Malta Stock Exchange (technical or trading listing)
  • spin-off and stand-alone option
  • highly experienced and rated Board of Directors
  • more viisibility
  • Bloomberg & Reuters track



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