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HFH hedge fund consultants are highly rated and provide a broad range of advisory services, including: hedge fund set up options, pre-fund track, 3 year marketing strategy, preparation and pitching of marketing material, building a team, team management, counterparty options (see Counterparties), comparative jurisdictions, compliance, third party regulatory cover options and crisis management (what to do when performance is poor).

We address a broad range of questions and are your sounding board on e.g. whether it's better to start with managed accounts or a fund, what jurisdiction to put your fund or management company in, how to make your product more interesting and unique, which counterparties should you speak to, how to get regulatory cover, what it all costs, what you should offer seed investors and advice on what investors and seeders look for, how do you scale, who should you speak to and when.

Note the chance of investment from major seeders can be as low as 1/350 and there is no guarantee any cap intro team will be successful in raising money for your fund. Track is king and investors need a track record they can rely on in addition you need to meet their AUM and due diligence criteria and consider whether they already have exposure to the assets you trade. If you are trading your own account you need to understand how to manage and present this. HFH can prepare your soft marketing and marketing material for you. HFH works with managers to think through all the steps they need to get from a great idea to a great fund.

We start with you:

  • What income levels are you looking for, how big is your team, what are the cash flow needs of your team and how marketable is your product? Do you want enough to live comfortably on while running your own fund and working for yourself, or is your aim to create a billion dollar fund and be a top manager?
  • What is your appetite for risk?  We look at what would you risk in terms of time and costs and allow you to consider your options fully.
  • Do you understand how to work with counterparties and a team? How good a team player and leader are you? What leadership attitude do you bring to the table and will people like working with you? Can you handle pressure? Do you understand the importance of maintaining good relationships with professionals you work with and how a failure to do so can damage your reputation and interests and even lead to counterparties walking away? Do not underestimate the importance of being polite and professional, you are the face of your business and finance is a small world. If you are a start up manager in a small seed fund good relationship skills are critical.
  • Do you understand what it takes to manage a fund - operationally,  do you know who you need to talk to and when; how are your communication skills with investors; do you understand how you can market at different stages of fund growth and what investors look for, do you understand the odds you face in getting investment at each stage and how you can innovate?; have you looked at all aspects you need to consider and are you ready to take control of your fund?
  • How much confidence do you have in yourself and your strategy to succeed?
  • What is important to you and how carefully do you consider substance over image or rely on what you hear without proper investigation?
  • Do you need more team members or more seed? HFH can introduce managers to potential team members with seed (see Team Builder).

A single meeting with our advisors should be enough to give you a substantial amount of information on hedge fund set up options and clarity on the way forward. Tired of running around getting pieces of confusing information from different places? Contact us and get all the information you need clearly and objectively in one place.



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