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Our clients and business partners say it best!  Read some of our Testimonials at the bottom of our Home Page.

Hedge Fund Hotel (HFH) is for start up asset managers, established managers and bond issuers worldwide. Founded by finance professionals who understand your business we specialise in providing time and cost-effective solutions at a high level of expertise. The HFH team all have extensive international experience in the investment sector and trained at leading bluechip firms as well as in-house and we are highly entrepreneurial. Importantly, we understand all sides of investment management, from legal and compliance to technical and operational.

Corporate Structure

HFH Europe, Asia & Africa was founded in 2009 as a collaboration with the existing HFH Toronto headed by William Woods (formerly, law firm Linklaters, CEO of the Bermuda Stock Exchange). HFH incorporated a number of businesses which have made it a leader in its specialised field over the last decade and it partners regularly appear in the press. HFH is now privately owned. Contact us for current information.


There is no “clock on the wall”, drop in to speak to us about your business without having to commit. We believe in building long term relationships. Our expertise and networks give you a service and price you are comfortable with. Our aim is to ensure you have a sound structure and ongoing support for anything you need to succeed. We can be your COO, legal counsel counsel, strategy builder, knowhow resource, counterparty deal-maker or marketing support.

While some clients seed with $100mn, many do not and building track and structuring well is critical for managers in a more demanding investment environment. HFH is the only firm specislised in set up and operational support for small seed funds (<$35mn). The needs of small seed managers are different to larger funds; the level of technical, operational and legal support required is higher and it is a unique specialisation in its own right. Our experience developing solutions for small seed managers has created better skills and knowhow generally that can be leveraged by all our clients.

Track Record

We meet over 200 investment managers a year and have up to 15 new enquiries daily. We set clients up to survive in bad times as well as good and our solutions are innovative and market leading. A well above average 86% of HFH fund clients remain as viable buisnesses successfully navigating the financial crisis period and market conditions. Over 95% of funds set up by HFH operate for  3 years giving managers time to build track. The unique way we rhobustly set up funds and aggressively control costs means that funds we set up are in the strongest position to survive periods of poor performance and/or adverse market conditions.  Find out why our methods are so successful that even our competitors call us for help. 

Increasingly, clients also turn to us for bond issues. We offer a bespoke, high quality, cost effective service to unlisted corporate bond issuers and we open doors to counterparty and marketing networks in a way that traditional law firms or banks simply can't match.

As people we are...

Hi, our attitude is relaxed, informal, friendly and our dress code is smart casual, we love what we do, our work ethic is exemplary and our commitmemt to you is borne out in our testimonials. We understand the investment sector is tough, competitive, complicated and results based with little room for error. Lots of firms say they go the extra mile blah blah, few do that at no extra charge because they understand start-ups need front-end support to succeed, even fewer have clients that say that on record. As you grow we grow, we share the risk with you and we are vested in you as a team and your product.


Welcome to Hedge Fund Hotel.



Why HFH?

There are many aspects to a fund that need to be considered. HFH provides a unique combination of legal, advisory, counterparty and gowth startegy services which means clients get better information. We are comparative multi-jurisdictional experts. This means we do not push clients to any one jurisdiction for a fund or management company; with some fund structures you no longer need a management company as funds can be self managed. Managers get the pros, cons, costs, of a variety of jurisdictions from us and they can decide.

We do not take or give referral fees to any counterparties to maintain neutraility and objectivity in recommending counterparties to our clients. A high level of expertise means HFH saves clients time and costs and sets them up well for the long term. We give you a broader perspective, we can be your COO, your marketing advisor, your general counsel and your sounding board.


What type of clients do HFH see?

Our clients range from someone who has traded their own money to people exiting banks and asset management companies. Most of our clients are senior but we also see mid level and more junior managers. Some clients come from non-conventional backgrounds and we work with them to get the right qualifications in place. Others are established companies in private equity, technology, film or real estate or established asset management companies. We deal with all strategies and our client range is broad and international. 


What is the HFH approach and ethos?

HFH is founded by partners who genuinely love what they do. Having worked at big institutions we wanted to create a firm people love working for and that clients treat as a second home. We believe the investment sector is one the most exciting areas you can work in. Every year some 200 managers sit opposite us and tell us about their business, dreams and concerns.

We have heard incredibly exciting and innovative ideas and listened to passionate people talk about what they do. We have taken clients from a dream of their own business to successfully running a fund and nothing pleases us more than to see our clients succeed in their ambitions. Many of our clients become people who drop in to have a coffee with us and become part of the HFH family. For us this is a great part of what we do. It is about the quality of our business life as much as the bottom line.


What can I expect?

Objectivity, time, expertise. If we do not think HFH is right for you or you don't have the blocks we require, we will let you know and try to introduce you to someone who can assist. For our clients we are 100% committed. As many of our clients have not exited jobs we are available for discreet meetings between 6am and 8pm on weekdays and for international clients or clients who need a weekend meeting we are available. We appreciate matters may require urgent attention so you have a dedicted HFH contact 24/7. 


Can HFH offer competitive costs?

We are not always the cheapest because we maintain certain quality standards and we believe that helps our clients most. We do have some products and services offered at low cost to start up managers, we can do this as we share the risk of the manager succeeding over time to get a return and are confident that when we take on and set up a manager the odds are high they will be able to do that. 86% of the funds set up by the HFH Group remain in operation as viable concerns. 


If you are interested to join the HFH team, please send your resumes to the following email address.

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